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Mexican heart, Frida Kahlo, stars, floral, half moon, felt ornaments (Set of 3)

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Get festive with our handmade felt ornament with pom pom and tassel. Crafted in Chiapas, Mexico, the embroidered pompom is ideal to add colour to your handbag or your home decor. From hearts, stars, half moons, flowers to Frida Kahlo, every ornament is uniquely embroidered with colourful yarn and has a string for hanging. From various designs, you will be receive a set of 3. If you wish to have specific designs, please mention in your order and we will happily provide whenever the stock is available.

Designs: Heart, Star, Half Moon, Flower, Frida Kahlo
Dimensions: approx 2-3" long and comes in a set of 3
Assorted colours and designs
Origin: Chiapas, Mexico